Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


When you generate RSS feeds through Feed Control, you can now add HTML to be appended to the end of the content in each feed item entry.
This feature is only available on Plus and Business plans.
To do this:
  1. From the Feeds page, choose the feed you want to edit
  2. Click the edit button
  3. Click the
    Generate RSS/JSON
  4. At the bottom you should see the field
    HTML to append to item content
  5. Enter the HTML you want and click
    Update Feed
  6. The next time the feed is updated, your HTML will be appended. (If this is a new feed and you don't mind deleting existing items from it, you can use the actions menu to
    delete feed items
    and then
    refresh feed
    to trigger an update.)
To have the item URL inserted in the HTML, use the
placeholder. For example:
<p>This article originally appeared in <a href="{url}">XYZ News</a>.</p>
We recently added Integrations to Feed Control. You'll find a new link in the left-hand menu where you can access Integrations.
Note: Integrations are only available on the Plus and Business plans.
Slack and Discord support
You can now connect your Slack workspace or Discord server to Feed Control.
Once you do, you'll be able to tell Feed Control to post new updates to your feeds or bundles to a specified channel.
You can connect multiple Slack workspaces or Discord servers in Feed Control. And for each feed or bundle, you can specify multiple channels that updates should be posted to.
Multiple webhook URLs
We've had support for webhooks before, but users have been limited to a single webhook URL per account.
Now webhooks are part of our integrations, so you can register multiple webhook URLs. Each feed or bundle can then be linked to one or more of these Webhook URLs.
We'd love to hear what you think about these changes. If you experience any difficulty or just have general comments, please do let us know!
It's now possible to sign up or login to Feed Control with just a few clicks, using your existing Google account.
In Feed Control, you can now group one or more feeds into a bundle and have RSS or JSON generated for the bundle.